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Voice Overs for Radio, Television, Film—anything that calls for a professional voice.  Phone Patch or ISDN available.

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Jonathan Lockwood is a Voice Talent.  And he’s been perfecting his skill in this profession for more than 25 years.  Most of his work is in voice overs for commercials—both Radio and TV—as well as voiceover narrations, but you’ll also hear him as the voice on many dozens of E-Learning projects, Interactive Voice Response systems(IVR,) and voiceovers for the web.

Perhaps the thing he is most proud of is his work as a Voice Actor.  It would seem that this would be one of the rarest talents in the voice over world.  Voice Acting requires so much more than just a professional voice.  It requires the ability to forget about the microphone and become a character—or at least adopt a specific persona.

It’s true:  much of what Jonathan does is high-energy, retail voice overs, and that’s fine.  He’s delighted to be hired for quick video voiceovers, narrations or on-hold messages.  But when he gets a script that calls upon his talent as a voice artist, that’s when he becomes fully engaged.  When he can apply his own personality, his dancing-on-the-head-of-a-pin, so to speak…it creates a feeling of having connected, having been understood.  He likes that.

He hopes you like his voice demos, and if so that you call or email him for your project.  You’ll find he’s both very friendly and deeply interested in following your direction and in performing a voiceover to your satisfaction—and, he hopes, beyond!  He hopes you remember Jonathan Lockwood for your Voice Talent needs.



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