For Over 25 Years, Jonathan Lockwood Has Been The Go-To Voice For Gravitas And Authenticity

From hometown car dealers to Verizon, Dell and SelectQuote, from a small but elegant, Oklahoma fine clothing store to Intel, Whirlpool and MetLife, Jonathan Lockwood has been finessing his way through commercial voiceovers, narrations and voice acting roles. With a confident, clear and credible approach, he’s ready to nail your next project.

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Jonathan is an international-level voiceover talent. He's got a phenomenal voice, easy to work with, and can work for a wide variety of projects. I've hired him for many national PBS promo spots and he always comes through with spot-on reads. Highly recommended.

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Featured Project

ClientThe Ace Parade
ProducerDragos Teglas
CategoryVideo Narration
IndustryAuto Touring
StyleConfident, Exciting

Ace Parade Grand Tour

The Ace Parade is for those who absolutely love driving--and have an unquenchable thirst for adventure. I didn't drive a single mile, but the script and video still kinda blew my hair back!

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An American Voice Actor in Mexico

When the voice overs are done, Jonathan Lockwood lives it up in a 400 year old city nestled in the mountains of Mexico

For me life is more than voice overs. It’s about adventure, authenticity and relaxing with a delicious cigar, a magnificent mezcal and stimulating conversation. That’s why I love San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. I can zip out of town to scale the world’s 10th largest monolith, eat the best fresh chicharrón gorditas on the planet and still be home in time to puff a Havana stogie and savor an artesanal mezcal with friends in Centro.

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