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Used to be I'd voice anything someone put in front of me; just a bit like a trained monkey. In fact once a client wanted me to squeal like a monkey in the middle of my VO. No joke. Today I'm grateful to be working with such a great array of talented producers and directors, I thought I might showcase some of them.

Ace Parade Grand Tournavigate_nextnavigate_nextnavigate_next

Client The Ace Parade
Producer Dragos Teglas
Industry Auto Touring
Style Confident, Exciting

Desto - Say Hello to the Futurenavigate_nextnavigate_nextnavigate_next

Client Desto
Producer UCY Films
Industry Blockchain
Style Confident, No-nonsense, Conversational

Desto - Pale Blue Dotnavigate_nextnavigate_nextnavigate_next

Client Desto
Producer UCY Films
Industry Blockchain
Style Poetic, Inspirational

NATURLI' Hakket Veggie Burgernavigate_nextnavigate_nextnavigate_next

Client NATURLI' Foods
Producer Anders Hynding
Industry Food
Style Dramatic, Over-the-Top

Richland Rumnavigate_nextnavigate_nextnavigate_next

Client Richland Rum
Producer Oakey Agency
Industry Alcoholic Beverages
Style Classic, Thoughtful

Servco Lexusnavigate_nextnavigate_nextnavigate_next

Client Servco Lexus
Producer Tier10
Industry Car Dealer
Style Sophisticated, Smooth

HP OMEN Gaming Laptopnavigate_nextnavigate_nextnavigate_next

Client HP OMEN Gaming Laptop
Producer The Pia Agency
Industry Technology
Style Cool, Dramatic, Brooding


Client eBay
Producer The Golf Channel.
Industry eCommerce
Style Reflective, Fatherly


Client ObservePoint
Producer ObservePoint
Industry Technology
Style Cool, Confident, Conversational

Registry Binnavigate_nextnavigate_nextnavigate_next

Client Registry Bin
Producer Ten Fast Feet.
Industry Technology
Style Low-key, Sarcastic

Huntin' Foolnavigate_nextnavigate_nextnavigate_next

Client Huntin’ Fool
Producer JBO Production
Industry Hunting
Style Informative, Adventurous

St. Mary's Joint Replacement Excellencenavigate_nextnavigate_nextnavigate_next

Client St. Mary’s Evansville
Producer 71 Degrees North
Industry Healthcare
Style Grateful, Inspired, Real Person

Haynes Furniture and The Dump!navigate_nextnavigate_nextnavigate_next

Client Haynes Furniture and The Dump
Producer BES Studios
Industry Retail Furniture
Style High Energy, Retail

BDO Drivenavigate_nextnavigate_nextnavigate_next

Client BDO
Producer SMA NYC
Industry Accounting
Style Big, Important, Mature, Confident

Okuma Fishing Tacklenavigate_nextnavigate_nextnavigate_next

Client Okuma Fishing Tackle
Producer In-Depth Outdoors
Industry Fishing
Style Powerful, Emotional

Cape Analyticsnavigate_nextnavigate_nextnavigate_next

Client Cape Analytics
Producer ThinkMojo
Industry Real Estate
Style Smart, Smooth, No-Nonsense

Facing Leviathannavigate_nextnavigate_nextnavigate_next

Client Facing Leviathan
Producer The Mills Media
Industry Books
Style Dramatic, Serious, Dispassionate

Gardner-White Furniture: Mission Impossiblenavigate_nextnavigate_nextnavigate_next

Client Gardner-White
Producer M2 Creative
Industry Retail-Furniture
Style High Energy, Serious, Dramatic, Mission Impossible

Warriors to Summitsnavigate_nextnavigate_nextnavigate_next

Client Wells-Fargo - Warriors to Summits
Producer White Nile Media
Industry Charity
Style Powerful, Confident, Grand, Inspiring, Bold

Smart Startnavigate_nextnavigate_nextnavigate_next

Client Smart Start
Producer Aware Films
Industry Technology
Style Friendly, Positive, Nice Guy

Two Pathsnavigate_nextnavigate_nextnavigate_next

Client Life University
Producer Between Pixels
Industry University
Style Moody, Thoughtful, Inspirational

Gardner-White Furniturenavigate_nextnavigate_nextnavigate_next

Client Gardner-White
Producer M2 Creative
Industry Retail-Furniture
Style High Energy, Dramatic, Enthusiastic, Hard Sell

No Shortcutsnavigate_nextnavigate_nextnavigate_next

Client Abersons
Producer Live4This
Industry Clothing Store
Style Calm, Softspoken, Nostalgic

The Power of Voice Analyticsnavigate_nextnavigate_nextnavigate_next

Client Flock of Pixels
Producer Flock of Pixels
Industry Technology
Style Friendly, Reassuring