Jonathan Lockwood - NATURLI' Hakket Veggie Burger

Project Profile

This Danish company found me online, thinking I might be a good choice for their product. I'm sure "veggie burger" isn't how they'd like it described, but with the language barrier and all, I'm not sure what else to call it.

I was working with Anders Hynding, and we started off with a fairly big, dramatic voice I often use for tongue-in-cheek projects. He liked it, but asked if I could give him both a more conversational AND "ever more EPIC" take as well. I did so. While I assumed it was because they'd use one of the three, in reality they used portions of each take in order to vary the flow of the ad nicely.

I've been surprised how often companies in non-English speaking countries want an English version of their commercials and videos. I'm not sure if it's because an increasing number of their population is learning and speaking English--or whether an increasing number of English-speaking expats are moving there. In any event...Ohhh The Burger! Thanks!

Client NATURLI' Foods
Producer Anders Hynding
Industry Food
Style Dramatic, Over-the-Top