Jonathan Lockwood - Huntin' Fool

Project Profile

Really nailing a voiceover is a satisfying thing. Even better? When a VO I’ve provided is matched by first rate video and production. That’s what I got from the folks at JBO Production, based near Tampa, Florida, on this video for Huntin’ Fool, the premiere resource and community for hunters and hunting enthusiasts.

This was another Voice123 audition pickup for me. I was working with Corey Holtgard and Ryan Sousa of JBO. The actual production was an “About Us” video for Huntin’ Fool. It’s a membership based organization all about helping enthusiasts be able to go on more and better hunts. Lots of research, discounts and help in getting permits for hunters of all types.

Although I was never really a hunter, I grew up in northeast Michigan where almost everyone was. So I was well into my 20s when I realized hunting is pretty controversial with some people. I suppose I get it if you’re arguing that eating meat is itself immoral, but so many who don’t like hunting are themselves meat eaters. All I can say is the people I grew up with hunted to fill their freezers and feed their families throughout the year.

If you watch this video I think you’ll see what I mean about “first rate.” To me the video is sharp and stunning, and the editing and production are on point. It’s an absolute pleasure to have been a part of this.

Client Huntin’ Fool
Producer JBO Production
Industry Hunting
Style Informative, Adventurous