Jonathan Lockwood - Smart Start

Project Profile

I auditioned for this SmartStart explainer video on Voice123. The product is in the Alcohol Monitoring Technology category, and this video was designed to explain their ignition interlock service. I worked with Courtney Ware from Aware Films on this, and she was especially pleasant, respectful and positive that I was the right voice talent for her video.

For me, projects like this are a breeze. While I enjoy the challenge of pieces that call for more subtlety, more emotion or deep intrigue, I can do friendly and positive all flipping day! It was revealed to me that ignition interlocks can be a touchy subject, and those who are required to have one often feel a lot of shame about it. So it was important to keep it upbeat and to use an understanding tone.

Courtney was very happy, and hired me for another project not long after this one. My thanks again to Aware Films.

Client Smart Start
Producer Aware Films
Industry Technology
Style Friendly, Positive, Nice Guy