Jonathan Lockwood - Gardner-White Furniture

Project Profile

I was first called upon to voice ads for Gardner-White as a fill-in for their regular talent sometime in the mid 90s; then in 2005 was asked to be their permanent voice. It's a furniture retailer with 10 locations throughout suburban Detroit.

For some time now I've been working with Fiona Kuzava of M2 Creative. Since she and her team have been producing Gardner-White ads, the quality has increased nicely.

If you spend any time in that area and are exposed to local television at all, you may find it impossible not to see these TV ads pretty often. As is common in the retail world, these voice overs are full of energy. Sometimes serious and dramatic, sometimes excited and enthusiastic. I consider it an honor to have been voicing these ads for so many years.

Client Gardner-White
Producer M2 Creative
Industry Retail-Furniture
Style High Energy, Dramatic, Enthusiastic, Hard Sell