Jonathan Lockwood - Richland Rum

Project Profile

Richland Rum is the only single estate rum distillery in the United States. It’s an old world style rum made in Richland, Georgia.

This was another Voice123 audition win. Stephen Oakey was my contact. He’s with Oakey Agency based in Atlanta. I see now why his agency and Richland Rum were such a good fit. This rum is proudly made and marketed by proprietor Erik Vonk as something special, uncommon, hand made. And Oakey Agency’s focus is to have command of the analytics and technology—without compromising the human aspect of marketing.

It doesn’t look like I’ll be able to find Richland Rum here in Mexico, but even though I’m an artesanal mezcal guy—next time I’m in the States I’m going to look for a bottle. Thanks, Stephen.

Client Richland Rum
Producer Oakey Agency
Industry Alcoholic Beverages
Style Classic, Thoughtful