Jonathan Lockwood - Two Paths

Project Profile

I auditioned for this Life University video on Voice123. Life University is a private university in Marietta, Georgia, that offers programs in health and wellness-oriented fields. It's known for its Doctor of Chiropractic degree program, which is the largest single campus chiropractic college in the world. Its guiding philosophy is vitalism, and that's what they clearly wanted to convey with this project.

I immediately loved the script they posted for this audition. A lot of companies would like to create slow, thoughtful pieces like this, but you know what nearly always happens? For a variety of reasons the word count and the commissioned length of the video are not harmonized. I have to go too fast, and it seriously compromises the project. Not this one. I felt it called called for a moody, almost emotional voice over that eased smoothly into a somewhat more inspirational conclusion.

Spotting that this script was very well written, I tried hard to do a good job with it, but didn't hear back. Then some time later, Jesse Lavender of Between Pixels, a full service video agency also in Marietta, contacted me. He said they needed to update the video I'd voiced for them. Update? But I'd never been informed I won the job. He was incredibly apologetic, and immediately fired off a check for both the original job—and the update. Thanks, Between Pixels!

Client Life University
Producer Between Pixels
Industry University
Style Moody, Thoughtful, Inspirational