Jonathan Lockwood - Servco Lexus

Project Profile

Servco Lexus is a Lexus dealership with locations in both Honolulu and Maui. Lexus, as I’m sure you know, is the luxury vehicle division of Toyota. It’s now Japan’s largest selling maker of premium cars.

My relationship with Tier10, an agency with locations in Washington DC, Miami, New York and Portland, goes back about five years. Maybe I auditioned for something, maybe they just found my demos online; I don’t remember. Anyway, Nathan from Tier10 contacted me about doing voiceovers for Servco, and bada boom bada bing…the script was in my inbox in moments.

I do a fair amount of car dealer voiceovers. Many of them are very intense, which is always fun, but it's nice to lean back and keep it classy for these luxury dealers. Thanks, Tier10.

Client Servco Lexus
Producer Tier10
Industry Car Dealer
Style Sophisticated, Smooth