Jonathan Lockwood - Ace Parade Grand Tour

Project Profile

The Ace Parade is for those who absolutely love driving--and have an unquenchable thirst for adventure. I didn't drive a single mile, but the script and video still kinda blew my hair back!

What a rush this must be for lovers of driving! The Ace Parade is not actually a race, but more a "motoring tour" throughout Europe, the route of which changes every year.

Dragos Teglas chose me for this project. With over 10 years in feature film, TV and advertising, Dragos has worked on countless productions in the UK and across Europe, such as 13 Shades of Romanian (2016), Memento Amare (2017) and Daddy's taxi (2014).

I was delighted to receive a testimonial from him: "Jonathan has a fantastic voice, one of the best voices I ever had on a film!" Thanks, Dragos!

Client The Ace Parade
Producer Dragos Teglas
Industry Auto Touring
Style Confident, Exciting