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An American Voice Actor In Mexico

My thoughts on Voice Acting, freedom, cigars and booze. You know: life. I imagine some things I write about here won't be popular, but who’s just looking for validation of their own viewpoints anyway? Salud.

Mexican Shots: Take 'em Easy

Sep 18, 2018

'Alcohol may be man’s worst enemy, but the Bible says you should love your enemy.' -Frank Sinatra

One of the first cultural differences I noticed upon moving to Mexico was the way they take a shot of alcohol. Ultimately here a 'shot' just means a small glass of hooch--usually (but not always) liquor. Same as in the US. But this idea of slamming it back in one gulp?

No mames, güey.

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We Don't Need Each Other

Sep 21, 2017

Recently I read Paul Strikwerda’s article, “Who’s Afraid of Decent Rates?” I thought it might be an exploration of the fear many have in asking for compensation commensurate with the value they offer, which I consider a worthy subject. But I believe the thrust of his argument can actually be found in one of the article’s subheadings: “We Need Each Other.”

No we don’t.

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Confessions of an Announcery Voice Talent

May 12, 2017

Almost. Every. Audition.

'Not looking for an announcer.'

'No announcers please.'

'Nothing announcery.'

We get it: today most people want genuine, conversational, and ‘like you’re talking to a friend.’

Or do they?

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Jacking Off in Grandpa's Hat: A Story of Flint, Michigan

Apr 27, 2017

I recently watched a documentary made by Jim Baade, an old radio buddy of mine, and felt the need to write. Maybe because I came down with a fricking cold the day before writing this and my voiceovers were for crap. But also because something about Local DJ: The Story of Flint Rock 'n Roll is tugging at me. It’s the story of Peter C. Cavanaugh, a former boss of Jim’s and mine, and the important role Flint and Detroit, Michigan, played in shaping rock and roll itself.

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Why I’m Not Pissed at Pay-To-Play Voice Casting Sites

Mar 24, 2017

Many voice actors are pretty upset over P2P sites. I think their positions can be placed under two categories…

1) They aren't the most efficient way to grow your business, and

2) Those operating them are greedy and disrespectful to the talent.

I tend to agree with number one, but not necessarily two.

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How a Beer Buff Became a Mezcal Maniac

Mar 3, 2017

“Joe, a car’s comin’ up on us!” I warn.

“Almost there,” he says, while mixing our Bacardi and Cokes outside the passenger side door.

“Do it later! They’re right on us!” I yell as the approaching car’s brights light up. Joe Boik flips them off and keeps pouring as more lights flash. Red and blue ones.


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My Favorite Microphones for Voice Overs

Feb 2, 2017

Let me make my level of sophistication as a studio techie plain: years ago I could never understand how my words somehow got stuck to old reel tape, and today I still can’t explain how they become digital files. I just accept they do, and move on. So if you’re here looking for an especially technical explanation of voice over microphones, uh, no. I will however do my best to discuss the many microphones I’ve used, and why I use the ones I do.

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Cultural Observations from an American in Mexico

Jan 24, 2017

I’ve lived in Mexico for over two and a half years now, and I thought I’d share what I’ve noticed. Bear in mind while I’ve traveled within the country a bit, I’ve mainly been here in San Miguel de Allende. So these observations may be more specific to this area. Further, there are Americans who’ve lived here a lot longer than I, so I don’t claim my views are the gold standard; just calling ‘em as I see ‘em.

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How I Became A Voice Actor

Dec 7, 2016

In San Miguel de Allende a number of folks know me as the guy who sells Guiño Guiño artesanal mezcal locally. But when they come to my house and see my studio they're a little surprised and always ask, as one friend did recently, 'How'd you get into this?' So here's the story of how I became a voice actor.

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Chilling Out in San Miguel de Allende

Oct 13, 2016

One thing I very rarely hear from friends: "Relax, Jonathan." For a long time I've been building my life around convenience, stimulating conversation and relaxation. But living in Mexico has taken it to an even more leisurely level.

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Why I Moved To Mexico

Oct 12, 2016

On September 15th, 2004, I woke up. I won't get into how or why just now. But while I was not under any kind of plant-based influence, it was almost an ayahuasca level experience, and my life began to change gradually and radically.

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