Jonathan Lockwood - Warriors to Summits

Project Profile

Didrik Johnck of White Nile Media in Marina de Rey, California, found me online. His email instantly reminded me of spending time there with my daughter, hitting the beaches, driving to Malibu and enjoying food and drinks at the Venice Ale House. He also mentioned getting a kick out of the video I made about the frustration of trying to use my mobile studio when staying in a tile-floored, echoey Mexican casita.

Anyway, the product was a non-profit program sponsored by Wells-Fargo called Warriors to Summits. It inspires veterans with disabilities to push their boundaries through a series of transformative journeys while reflecting on their past, recognizing where they are now and developing a vision for their future. So they really wanted a bold, inspirational tone, and after listening to my demos figured I might be the guy for the job.

I appreciated being part of this—not only because of the work being done with these disabled veterans—but because Didrik really didn't want me to hold back. Today it's much more common for directors to request an understated style, and I think some of my best work showcases that. But when I can just let a big, bold, confident VO rip? It's kind of a rush! Thanks for the opportunity, Didrik.

Client Wells-Fargo - Warriors to Summits
Producer White Nile Media
Industry Charity
Style Powerful, Confident, Grand, Inspiring, Bold