Jonathan Lockwood - Desto - Pale Blue Dot

Project Profile

Desto is a blockchain technology company that, among plenty of other things, is all about efficient payment pathways. I don't necessarily need to have an affinity for something I'm working on. But as one who lives and does business internationally and as a personal investor in cryptocurrency since March 2013, I was delighted to dig into the series of videos they hired me to voice.

I was working with a few people, including Alex Chaban, a producer at UCY Films, a best-in-class Ukrainian video company. It was clear they wanted something a cut above, and that's been the case with all the project on which we've worked together.

In this one, they wanted to capture the beauty of an excerpt from Carl Sagan's book, Pale Blue Dot. The point this makes, it seems to me, is that viewing our planet as a tiny ball from space can bring a broader perspective of life. And the potential of blockchain and cryptocurrency is so enormous itself, their approach is to look past all the political elements to "explore all positive possibilities." I think they did a fantastic job with this, and was happy to be involved. My thanks again to UCY Films.

Client Desto
Producer UCY Films
Industry Blockchain
Style Poetic, Inspirational