Jonathan Lockwood - ObservePoint

Project Profile

ObservePoint is a pioneer in web and app analytics auditing. They create products that help companies make better decisions based on better data.

I guess I must have won an audition for one of their jobs in 2015, so when they had another project they emailed. It was for a product called Tag Hierarchy, which allows you to visualize the tagging infrastructure across an entire website. They were looking for something that sounded both conversational and confident—from someone who knew what he was talking about. Which I didn’t. So they settled for someone who sounded like he knew. ;-)

I thought they did a very nice job with the video and in their treatment of the voiceover. So my thanks and hats off to ObservePoint.

Client ObservePoint
Producer ObservePoint
Industry Technology
Style Cool, Confident, Conversational